Sneak Peek: Ariana Confronts Raquel About Peter's Suspected Crush in 'Vanderpump Rules'

In the tenth season of Vanderpump Rules, Raquel Leviss is ready to start fresh after her split with James Kennedy. She is single and more than ready to mingle, having already been on several dates with co-star Peter Madrigal. However, some people are convinced that she is leading him on.

Raquel Leviss Is Single and Ready to Mingle on Vanderpump Rules

Raquel Leviss

In an exclusive preview of the February 15 episode, Raquel is seen having a chat with Scheana Shay, who points out that she saw Raquel “making out with Peter” at SUR. However, Raquel insists that she does not remember that happening, saying, “I’m dead serious.” Scheana goes on to point out that Raquel has already cried on two of the four dates she has been on with Peter.

Sensing that something might be going on, Ariana Madix interjects, asking Raquel if she is leading Peter on. Raquel laughs and replies, “No,” but Ariana is not convinced. “He has feelings, I think,” Ariana says, causing Raquel to exclaim, “Shut the f*** up!”

Ariana goes on to explain why she thinks Peter might be catching “feelings” for Raquel, saying, “It’s not hard to understand why he would really like you.” In her private confessional, Ariana reveals that she is enjoying seeing Raquel out there in the world, finding herself after her breakup with James. She compares it to a scene in Forrest Gump, where Forrest’s leg braces break off and he just takes off running. “It’s like that, but it’s like, run, Raquel, run!” Ariana says.

During the season premiere, Peter was seen asking Raquel out on a date, and it was not their first. Only time will tell if a romance will blossom between the two, although he appeared to be more into her than she was into him.

Raquel’s newfound freedom and willingness to date might be surprising to some, given her tumultuous relationship with James. However, she seems to be thriving without him, and her co-stars are happy to see her enjoying herself.

It is always challenging to move on from a failed relationship. But Raquel seems to be doing it with grace and poise. She is not letting her past define her, and she is taking control of her life. This is an excellent lesson for anyone who has experienced heartbreak, and it is a testament to Raquel’s strength and resilience.

In conclusion, Raquel Leviss is single and ready to mingle on Vanderpump Rules. While some of her co-stars are skeptical about her relationship with Peter. She is having fun and enjoying her newfound freedom. Her ability to move on from her past and take control of her life is inspiring. It is a valuable lesson for anyone who has gone through a breakup. Whether a romance blossoms with Peter or not, it is clear that Raquel is thriving without James and is ready for whatever the future holds.


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