Sonu Sood gifts tractor to Andhra Farmer

In a recent news, Sonu Sood gifts a tractor to an Andhra Farmer in Chittoor. Reportedly, the actor saw the viral video of 2 girls pulling the plough as the family could not afford oxen. On seeing the video Sonu Sood decided to gift a tractor to the farmer family.

Responding to the video, Sonu Sood tweeted, “Tomorrow morning, he will have a pair of ox to plough the fields. Let the girls focus on their education. The Ox will plough his land from tomorrow. The farmers are our country’s pride. Protect them.”

The Chittoor farmer family were residing in Madanapalli for the last 15 years. They had a tea stall over there. But, due to the coronavirus lockdown they had to close shut their stall. They managed to survive for a month on their meager savings. However, they decided to return to their hometown Rajuvaripalle. There they owned a piece of land which they started to cultivate. However, they did not have oxen and the rent for tractor was Rs. 1500 per hour. This high rent the poor family could not afford.

So, the daughters of the family decided to leave their education and started tilling the land. Along with their mother and father sowing seeds. Sonu Sood has the helped common people on several other occasions too didn’t think twice before gifting a tractor to the family.

The 46 year old actor had recently helped in getting Indian students from Kyrgyzstan back home. He has also helped in sending thousands of migrants home. Not only that, he has also set up the initiative PravasiRojgar to enable migrants get jobs. Sonu Sood is also helping these migrants acquire skills required for employment. The actor of movies like Dabangg, Happy New Year is mostly seen playing villainous roles in Bollywood. But, when it comes to real life Sonu Sood is a real hero with a heart of gold.

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