Sports in New Education Policy: Kiren Rijiju



India’s Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports Kiren Rijiju bring out his thoughts. He said that he wants to make sports as part of education. He wants to add sports as a compulsory part of the school syllabus. During the inaugural session of the ‘International Webinar on Olympism and Olympic Education in the 21st century’. He mentioned that new education policy will have sports as an important part of education not as extra-curricular activity.

Also, he added that believing education and sports as one. Education and Sports are not different. Therefore, Sports also provide us with education. It cannot be separate. Sports has to be an essential part of the school timetable. It can’t be treated as optional. Well, this not finally declared.

Impact of sports as part of education

Aspirations are bigger than dreams. Dreams may or may not fulfil. Aspirations are always important for one. It took you to understand what makes you. Therefore, what field you are interested and good at. Well, many children like to play. They might be best. Outside the academy’s offer them to play. So, after school, they get ready for their playtime.

Undoubtedly, if sports will become part of education. Certainly, students who are the best. They will get more training. They will manage studies and passion equally. Some of them leave while they get worried about the future. Many colleges don’t have a sporting facility. So, when they go for further studies. They surely leave it. This could help a lot of them.


Plans Ahead

This new plan for education policy by Kiren Rijiju is appreciable. His team members are still working on this plot. Moreover, this is a step for the next level. Where capable ones will shine. The Ministry is working hard to form a committee. National Sports Education Board is still in progress. He had a very ‘high-level committee’ working on. They had already started figuring and shaping it as perfect. Hence, everything needs time.

Later, he told about the “Olympic Museum”. They are discussing this project. It may be implemented after Covid-19. The situation is truly not good. It is worst than anything. He addressed India as a country known for the best and perfection. Therefore, this Museum in India will be a huge gem. So, this is an enormous privilege and pride for India. Execution of the plan will be done later. Furthermore, the committee will ensure the plans go in the right way.

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