Stranger Things Season 5: Everything We Know So Far

Stranger things is a drama series premiering on Netflix that has been garnering a lot of popularity. The show is currently three seasons old, with the fourth-season announced to be still in the works. Although the team announced about the production of the fourth season in 2019 itself, people are now speculating a possible Stranger Things season 5.

Stranger Things

Stranger things is a show based on courage and friendship. The plot revolves around a young boy being abducted by a dangerous monster and the events that follow.

The show commenced in 2016 and has seen three seasons so far. But back in 2019, Netflix announced the Stranger Things would be coming back for a fourth season. Accordingly, production of the show began from February 2020 and is expected to release anytime between 2020-21.

Is a Stranger Things season 5 on its way?

Although the production is yet to announce a fifth season of the American series. Given that the cast and crew are still working on the fourth season, the next season’s announcement, if there is any, will take some time. But off late, there are many rumours going around, stressing on a possible season 5.

A few days ago, co-creator Ross Duffer mentioned “Season 4 won’t be the end. We know what the end is, and we know when it is.” He also mentioned that the pandemic has given them enough time to figure out many possibilities for the show. This came as great news for the fans that were speculating of future seasons of the show.

Even the actor David Harbour let it slip in an interview that his character’s storyline continues in both the seasons to come.

Rumours also suggest that season four was supposed to be the last instalment of the season. But now, makers might divide the story into two parts along with an additional season 5.

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