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Street Dance is the umbrella term for various social move styles including, yet not constrained to; Breaking, Hip Hop, Locking, Popping, and House. These styles are for the most part freestyles in their own right, each with their own history and establishments, each outwardly looking totally different. The key components which make road move what it is are; groove, character, inventiveness, goal, innovativeness, and social connection.

Almost all of us have seen Channing Tatum’s Step-Up series which were the basic introduction in the world of street dancing for millennials as well as baby boomers! That often leads us wondering as to what and how the street dancing culture originated?

Voila! You’re at the right spot.

Looking Back

During the 1960s/70s, African, Caribbean, and Latino people group in the West bank of America confronted mistreatment and saw their networks annihilated. There were no outlets for youngsters to communicate and avoid inconvenience, rather possess denoted their region with labels and spray painting, and crime percentages took off.

Top DJ and Pioneer, DJ Kool Herc, the Father of Hip Hop, played at many square gatherings and clubs. He was the principal DJ to utilize 2 decks, a thought which changed music and the manner in which DJs blend today. He understood individuals went insane on the move floor at whatever point they heard the break-in a tune and needed to figure out how to circle this breakbeat. Because of this all-inclusive breakbeat, the move (break-kid/b-boy/breaking) was conceived.

street dance


At that point, Hip Hop culture and the road move styles of the East Coast and West coast were still particularly underground. Just those inside the networks thought about them. They were social moves, went around through verbal, through fights, figures, in the city.

Westernized culture

While hip-hop started as casual road move implied for the individuals present, it has additionally advanced onto the stage and screen and into a group of people top choice. It currently is an exceptionally looked for after and prevailing style of move. It is among the most well-known styles of move for music recordings, shows, and move rivalries.

A considerable lot of its particular moves are frequently coordinated into the movement of increasingly customary styles of the move and it has even worked its way into significant showy and true to life creations.

It truly gives a lively way to exercise, craftsmanship, and development, making a stage for singular articulation and evident ability.

Evolution in India- Land of Diversity

The move is one of the most mainstream creative orders, one which is espied in practically every human culture. It isn’t just a method of activity and diversion, however, it has additionally been a significant route for individuals to communicate as they move their bodies in a state of harmony with a mood or music here and there synchronizing their movement with others.

From time and prehistoric, it has gone inseparably with antiquated functions, profound and parties. Since the soonest snapshots of humankind, the move has pervaded into our pith. Moving verifiably has consistently been of the smoothest methods of correspondence that we people know about.

Along with other forms of dances, Hip-Hop has emerged as a recent trend in India since the 2000s. We used to be glued to TV watching ‘Dance India Dance’ which explored street dance as one of its mainstreams. And publicizing of such has resulted in positive development since India has all sorts of talent, only to be explored.

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We as humans are always attracted to aesthetic areas of the field. Whether be it dancing or something else, it has always intrigued us. Likewise, movies or any TV series have had a major impact on our lives.

Hence, as good as it could get, Indian directors explored that genre too. With introducing dance movies such as ABCD, Street Dancer 3D, we have come across this platform as well.

street dance


Hip-Hop is not an elite dance or only for the elites. Dance Crews often don’t rehearse in studios but rather in streets. And honestly, that’s what gives them that texture or authenticity.

Dance schools nowadays simply instruct movement that in the long run stifles a hopeful understudy’s individual style. As they educate for the sole reason for benefits, they lose their aesthetic respectability. But like a true artist, it should come from you whether you want to just slog off, or be the trend.

Now, we do have quite a few talents who are just waiting to be discovered.

Hey! Remo Sir, you there??

street dance


Then there are others…

Under hip-hop as an umbrella, Shuffle dance, and Tap dance.

Shuffle Dance

The Melbourne mix is a rave move that created in the 1980s. Typically performed to electronic music, the shuffle dance started in the Melbourne rave scene and was mainstream during the 1980s and 1990s. The move moves include a quick impact point and-toe development or T-step, joined with a variety of the running man combined with coordinating arm action.

Tap Dance

Tap move is a kind of move portrayed by utilizing the hints of tap shoes striking the floor as a type of percussion. The sound is made by shoes that have a metal “tap” on the toe and heel.

There are a few styles of tap move, including beat (jazz), traditional, Broadway, and post-present day. Post-present day or contemporary tap has developed in the course of the most recent three decades to fuse dynamic articulation, topical story, and innovation.

Into The Future

Well, street vis a vis Hip-Hop Dance culture definitely has a future in India if given a due weightage. We need more than movies but a platform, where even dancing is considered a vocation that one can pursue. A Time will definitely come in the future where we not only produce great doctors, engineers, architects, etc. but also some of the coolest artists exploring street dance as a major profession and passion!

Here’s to looking forward to it!

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