Students want cancellation of the university exams

Students want cancellation of the university exams


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  • Students want  university exam cancellation

  • Covid-19 pandemic has highly hit Maharashtra

  • Students Want NEET, JEE Main Postponement

  • No Exams in COVID

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University Student

Students desire University exam cancellation

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Students want university exam cancellation due to fear of COVID 19 pandemic, they are in stress and in tension. They are demanding cancellation of third-year final year examinations conducted by universities in 2020”.  Students are also suggesting to promote, based on their previous examinations and internal assessments. The demand is also to postpone NEET, JEE Main Exams. All these suggestions were put forward by Congress-affiliated National Students’ Union of India (NSUI).

NSUI students’ plea for university exam cancellation

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NSUI students said, “No Exams in COVID”. For this, a Twitter storm gathered more than 2 lakhs impressions. Various universities across the country have declared for university exam cancellation in July 2020. Students said, the engineering entrance exam JEE Main, the medical entrance test NEET  should get postponed.

The demand for university exam cancellation arose after considering the fact of the rise in coronavirus cases. The graph doesn’t seem to flatter. Students also highlighted in the tweet, “WHO is warning world once again about the drastic increase in COVID cases”.  Looking to this NSUI students said, conducting exams would be completely inhumane and unsympathetic.

University exam cancellation will be justified as the Covid19 cases are still on the rise in the country. Education ministry sources have said, “The situation doesn’t seem favourable to hold these examinations.” Safety of students is on priority than exams. Sources said, some exams may be cancelled and competitive exams like NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test-Under Graduate) or the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) can be postponed.

University exam cancellation in Maharashtra 

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Maharashtra has already declared the university exam cancellation for the final-year and final-semester exams in universities. Also offered, if students wish to appear for the exams then can write to their respective universities.

Uday Samant, Minister for Higher and Technical Education, informed the same during an interaction with students on Facebook”.  For this interaction Directorate General of Information and Public Relations page was used.

Maharashtra is the highly affected state with coronavirus in India. Almost 1.2 lakh cases have been detected so far. Samant also said the university exam cancellation decision would remove confusion from the minds of parents, teachers and students.

Students who desire to take their final exams

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Students, who do not agree with the university exam cancellation and desire to take their final year exams in Maharashtra, they need to write to their universities for the same.

But the final decision for students will depend on the Covid-19 situation. Students not appearing for the final year or final semester exams will get their results and degree as per an appropriate formula.

What students have to do?

According to the government’s guidelines of university exam cancellation, students pursuing non-vocational (traditional) courses, passed in all the semesters have to state their interest in appearing or not appearing for the final-year exams. This they have to give in writing to their respective universities.

Those who are going with the university exam cancellation will be getting passing certificates in mid-July.

Officials have also taken a similar decision for students pursuing vocational courses like- engineering, pharmacy, hotel management, management, architecture, planning, computer science, law, physical education, pedagogy. Resources said for this, permissions will be taken from the head of the respective course.

Uday Samant, on ATKT (allowed to keep terms) exams, said, soon a final decision will come forward.

Reopening of Maharashtra schools and colleges

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Maharashtra issued a circular after the university exam cancellation, “Schools not located in the red zone will commence classes of Standard 9, 10 and 12 from July 1. Classes of 6th to 8th standards would begin from August 2020.

Junior colleges will also open in non-red zones from July 1.

In fact, certain teachers’ and principals’ unions said, all schools should reopen in the state from August 2020, looking to the high number of Covid-19 cases.

University exam cancellation across India

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Students across India Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka etc. have also started online campaign #StudentLivesMatter for university exam cancellation of final year university exams.

The students across the country provoked, after the declaration of the University final year exams by the state governments. They are also now demanding the university exam cancellation of final semester exams for all undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Various posts are tagged with #StudentLivesMatter on social media. Demanding institutions to scrap exams and promote students.

Students also said, No vaccine No exams in various parts of the country. In view of this, a petition on was also raised, for the university exam cancellation. This petition is also running under #StudentLivesMatter.

HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal underwent a UGC Task Force meeting in order to frame guidelines for university exams. Minister suggested for the preparation of social distancing and various safety arrangements. HRD minister decided to conduct final year exams and scrap the intermediate semester papers.

The students were not happy with the government and exam authorities’ decisions. Students said the conduction of exams is not a safe step as the virus can be transmitted in public places.  Some students had the concern of the non-availability of books with them for the preparation of the exams.

Students said, since the pandemic outbreak many had travelled back to their home towns to be safe. Due to this, the books and notes were not in their possession. For the exam preparation, they require books.

Students are also facing issues of the internet and other resources. Not finding comfortable to take the online exams.

On the ground of the above issues, the students have demanded the cancellation of university exams and for this now gathering the number of supporters, to increase the strength.

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