T10 League Schedule 2020


The T10 league schedule 2020 of cricket is beginning to prepare for its 2020 season. Since its first season its 2017 which was a huge success the T10 has only grown. That success has been its groundbreaking changes to how cricket is played. While their season is not set to begin until November 2020 other cricket leagues using their model have already begun to hold tournaments. If mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery then it just shows how popular the T10 league has become.

How T10 Cricket Works

T10 cricket is essentially the same as normal cricket, minus a few differences. The pitch and field are still the same size and the wickets are still set up the same. Scoring runs and knocking the players out has also not changed from regular play. The main difference comes in the number of overs and the time to of play.

Each match is limited to 10 overs and has a limit of 90 minutes. As a result each cricket game is shorter and more intense than the standard game. Another notable difference is the fact that the league is confined to a single tournament usually lasting 10 to 11 days. The tournament consists of a round-robin, quarterfinals, and then the final.

The combination has drawn the attention of fans and All-Star players from around the world. Who find the shorter more intense games irresistible. It is quite possible that T10 will become the new standard format for crickets as its popularity grows.

The T10 League

Since 2017 the T10 cricket league also known as AB DHABI T10 League has been an ever-growing success. It is recognized by the International Cricket Council as the only international T10 cricket league in the world. In the three years since its launch T10 has rapidly grown in popularity to the point where it is now the third most watch cricket league in the world. It has recently been named the newest national sports asset of the United Arab Emirates.

The league originally included six teams though in subsequent seasons after 2017 that number is now eight. Over the course of the seasons some teams have been retired and new ones have been added. In at least one instance a team was retired in totality but its name was kept for a new team.

The team in question is the Bengal Tigers. Other notable changes planned for the future include relocating T10 to Abu Dhabi in partnership with the city government. this would give the lead the ability to expand and welcome bigger national stars, improve experience, and have a wider broadcasting audience. This shows just how much the T10 league has grown and at this point does not show any signs of slowing down.

T10 league Schedule 2020 Season

Not much information has been confirmed yet about the upcoming 2020 seasons for the T10 league. Currently the same teams that participated in the last season have been scheduled to take part in the upcoming tournament. The tournament has been scheduled to take place from the 19th to the 28th of November.

While the venue has not yet been confirmed it appears that it will once again be held in Dubai. Also, currently there’s been no confirmation on whether or not any of several intended modifications mentioned at the end of last year’s tournament have been implemented.

These changes included increasing the number of days of the tournament, potentially adding more teams, and introducing Super Over. The reason given to potentially add more days to the tournament was to have three Fridays during the event. The possibility of adding new teams was stated in the hope of have an Indian Premier league and/or a Caribbean Premier league to play in the event. Super Over was supposed to be added as a means to ensure that every match had a clear winner.

Another interesting note for T10 league’s 2020 season is that there’s been no mention of the coronavirus. This is most likely due to the fact that the league is scheduled in November and as such is too far away to take drastic action. With more than six months to go before the T10 league is scheduled to begin it is most likely that the event planners feel there is no reason to take drastic action. If the coronavirus pandemic continues to worsen or simply remains at the current levels as the league draws closer most likely then that an announcement will be made.

Mimicry, The Sincerest Form of Flattery

The T10 league is the only international T10 cricket league that is also recognized by the international cricket Council however there are other leagues that use the same format. The majority of them are national tournaments in small to medium-size countries. One of these countries is St. Vincent which is currently holding the Vincy T10 Premier League. This league uses the standard T10 format for the tournament and the matches.

This tournament which started on May 22 scheduled is to go through 31st. This tournament has been organized by the St Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association and is being played in accordance with the ICC guidelines for play during the coronavirus that were also issued on 22 May. While this event is a welcome return to cricket, it can’t compare to the original T10 league schedule 2020 and the fans who eagerly await the beginning of the 2020 season.

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