Takeuchi Yuko, Japanese Actress, Dies at 40

Takeuchi Yuko, a Japanese actress is dead at her middle-age by Nakabayashi Taiki, her own husband. The incident took place early Sunday morning in their Tokyo apartment. However, she dies at forty years old and the saddest part is; she is the mother of two children along with a newborn boy, born in January.

Moreover, the cause of her death by suicide is being counted on as no note is found by Takeuchi Yuko. If by following other latter suicides, Takeuchi Yuko’s departure is proved. It must be done in the wake of recognized Japanese talents. Not to mention actress Ashina Sei earlier this month; reality TV star Kimura Hana in May plus actor Miura Harumi in July.

Takeuchi Yuko aptness :

In the two TV dramas and films, Takeuchi aggregates a list of acknowledgments. At the same time, she earns domestic acting awards. Also, at Stardust Promotion her official website is not still amended.

Takeuchi accelerates in the industry by reaching great heights; later when she made her appearance in the 1996 drama “Cyborg”. Furthermore, prominent roles in the shot 1999 NHK drama “Asuka” and “Love and Life in the White” the 2001 TBS drama.

Takeuchi, by the next two decennary, was in high demand for TV and film roles. However, rejoicing characters on the comically ditzy side including the hospital investigator in the 2009 Nakamura Yoshihiro mystery drama “The Triumphant Return of General Rouge.”

For doing a great role as a brassy, free-spirited friend, and surrogate mom to her married lover’s young daughter in Negishi Kichitaro’s; she got entitle to the best actress award particularly in 2007. Not to mention, for her work in 2014, she moreover won a Japan Academy best-supporting actress prize.

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