The Best 7 Anime Like Hundred

Animes Like Hundred are series full of action, romance, and family drama. How would you feel when mysterious life forms called ‘savage’ attack our territory? But, fortunately, a weapon called Hundred has the only power to protect us. Hundreds have the ability to change into different forms.

Besides, Hundred is a Japanese light novel series. Jun Misaki is the writer and Nekosuke Okuma is the illustrator of the series. It was adapted both in manga and anime series. Likewise, the anime series lasted for 2 months from April 5, 2016, to June 20, 2016, with 12 episodes.
If you felt one season of Hundred was not enough, read the Seven Best Anime Like Hundred listed below.

Anime Like Hundred

  • Infinite Stratos: An Anime Like Hundred

Anime Like Hundred

Infinite Stratos is very like to Hundred. It is created through a high-tech powered exoskeleton weapon. This has become a tool of warfare and conflict. Moreover, only women and Ichika Orimura control the exoskeleton weapon system . Ichika Orimura entered the school that trains IS pilots through a scholarship. At the same time, he has met several cute girls that made his journey in school exciting to watch.
The setting of The Hundred and Infinite Stratos is school. They both are harem and military anime with a good amount of ecchi senses. Also, they deal with political and family drama. The same with the weapons used. It will probably remind you of Hundreds.
  • The Asterisk War: Anime Like Hundred

he Asterisk War is about the adventure of Amagiri Yato. He is a transferee student and scholar to Seidoukan Academy. The academy trains young Genestella, a new human species with exceptional physical activities. Also, his life in school started strangely. But as time goes by romance, action and characters evolve dramatically.
Without knowing the title of both shows, they could be interchanged. Moreover, they are similar in many ways.
The characters of both animes are high school students. They fight using a magical weapon that syncs with them. In Hundred’s case, the weapons are for monsters. In Asterisk War, they use weapons to battle each other in competitions called ‘Festas’. Furthermore, the main character of both series is a dark-haired guy in a harem situation. Also, various girls with different personalities surround them. It’s so similar that even their names- Kisaragi Hayato/ Amagiri Ayato sound the same.
  • World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman

The series began in Akane Private Academy. Students train to use ancestral arts to serve as defenders (Metaphysical). Also, the students are divided into two categories (Prana and Kuroma). The Prana can summon offensive weapons while the ‘Kuroma’ can use magic. The series revolves around Moroha Haimura, the main character. He meets ladies who eventually play an important role in his past life. This brings the complex world to the series.
Both main characters are boys who are superior to others. The two series have a thing that gives those weapons and armor. Also, they have mysterious life forms like savages in Hundred and Metaphysical in World Break. Likewise, their genres deal with family drama and action.
  • Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle

The story revolves around the story of Lux and Lisesharte Atismata. It tells about their past and continued in the academy. The fight scenes attracted the interest of its fans. Likewise, the battle among Abyss, dragons, and Drag-knights made it more fun to watch.
Both are perfect examples of harem, romance, academy, and action genre. The artwork, tone, cliché, and corny moments are the same. Likewise, the main character has a strong personality and attractive to many females. Hundred has 1 season with 12 episodes and Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle is too.


  • Trinity Seven

The series is about Arata and the seven magic users with their unique powers. They enrolled in the top-secret magic school Royal Biblia Academy to properly use their powers. As a result, it is up to them to save themselves and the world from destruction. 
Trinity Seven and Hundred are harem anime. The main characters are powerful with mysterious powers. The development of the characters is the same and so is the ending.
  • Absolute Duo

The story is all about ‘Blazers’. They are individuals who gain weapons from their souls. Also, they attend Kouryou Academy High school to improve their abilities. Furthermore, they work with a partner hoping that one day they can obtain an ‘Absolute Duo’ power. One of them is Tooru Kokonoe, who wanted to gain power. Likewise, he wants to bring justice to the unjust death of his sister and friends. However, as he prepares for a match, he didn’t gain a weapon but a shield. It is an unusual circumstance that made the show more interesting to watch.
Both characters have a tragic past. They enrolled in a fancy school that practices some special abilities. And a lot of ladies with different characteristics surround them.
  • Freezing

The Main Cast of the Series
Freezing is an action-packed series like Hundred. The show is about a soldier, Kazuya Aoi with superhuman powers. He trained to fight aliens trying to invade the earth. When he entered the West Genetics Military Academy, the ‘Pandoras’ are attacking them. This is where he thought one of them as his sister. This is how their newfound relationship started.
Hundred and Freezing consist of materialized weapons to kill alien invaders. They also changed in some way from their interaction with the alien invaders. Their search for this change has allowed their characters to create the weapons. In which they use to fight off the aliens.

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