The living style of Canada compared to India

Canada has distinct types of communities that involve in various social activities. The Canadian Government provides equal rights to all Canadians. Undoubtedly Canada and India have a great relationship. People of both countries respect the culture and traditions of each other. But still, it has some shocking culture for new commerce as compared to India. Whenever you have planning to start your life in Canada, you must take a look at some things.

Canada’s mass shoot out

  The Climate and Weather  

Undoubtedly, it is as cold as Mars. In some regions, winter can be harsh especially in Prairie Provinces and interior. These areas, low temperatures can be near -40 degrees Celsius and high can be near 15 degrees Celsius. In Canada, the temperature is high in summer and low in winter. You can also see the covered ground by snow almost six months of the year. Every country is unique in its weather and climate way. It is the same as India. Whenever you are thinking to start your life . It is important to consider the immigration process. There are various organizations and resources here to help and make your immigration process easier both financially and socially.

Is it Better to Live in India or Cananda?

Language skill and Educational Credential

In Canada, the main two languages are used: English and French. If you are in Canada and able to speak both Candian’s languages. Then, it is extremely easier to interact with and communicate with others there. If not, then there are a variety of French and English language classes that help you to enhance your skills. There are a little bit different for getting an education credential assessed and recognized because it takes a long time. You may take temporary work for some time. But whenever your process complete, You’ll be able to work according to your desire.  

Cost of living :-

In India the Cost of Living is low in compared to Canada . We get everything in less cost from food to cloth everything we get in less cost in India but in Canada the lifestyle is much costlier in comparison of India.

Educational Cost

Public education in India is free and compulsory for all children from 6 to 14 years. On the other hand, Canada’s compulsory education begins at age 5 and continues from age 16 or 18. This education is based on provincial regulations. Also, public education is free in Canada. Parents give only the cost of extracurricular activities and school supplies. In Canada, only 5% of students pay fees to private schools. Also, education quality is considered good than India.

Living Quality of life

India has a   low cost of living than Canada. All things’ costs in India are less than Canada like The local market price, rent, and even cell phone. In Canada, there is no bargaining but Salaries are higher than in India. Among all the facts of the counties, Canada has a universal health care system and a strong education system .  

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