Top-5 Tourist Places to Visit in Norway

Norway is a great place to visit in any season. It is one of the ravishing countries in the world. Whenever you have planning to go to visit in Norway you can go Tromso to watching whale and spot polar and walruses in Svalbard, even try hiking, skiing, and cycling. Norway has a sophisticated style and energetic life. Here you can enjoy the homely and friendly atmosphere that will give you a homely feeling. We are presenting the top 5 the best places to visit in Norway.

Social and cultural life in Norway

1.Western Fjords

Western Fjords can be found throughout Norway. It is not limited to a particular location or region. Although the most famous and dramatic fjords can be seen largely in West Norway. But it is slightly different in appearance they are narrow and surrounds by tall mountains, extremely deep and steep rock faces. The most popular fjords comprise Nærøyfjord and Geirangerfjord.

2.Lofoten Islands

Lofoten is one of the picturesque spots in Norway and a collection of islands, known for its Viking history. Most of the people come for incredible scenery and wildlife. Lofoten has been settled for 11,000 years. However, archaeological places inhabited just 5000 years back. Lofoten Islands have various amazing galleries and museums, providing unbelievable history and culture to visitors. In various historical  Museum, you can see artifacts and Viking culture from centuries past.


Bergen is the second-largest city in Norway. It is a working port and tourist destination. Visitors are excited to arrive at the seaside restaurant. There is plenty of neighboring island and scenic fjords around the city. Bergen has been the nation’s western airport after the Middle ages. It is surrounded by seven mountains. Here visitors can see various museums, popular summer arts, music events such as Nattjazz Festival, Bergen International Festival, and Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra.


Oslo is surrounded by green hills and mountains. Oslo describes Mother Nature. The famous activities comprise cruising in the summer and skiing in the winter. Oslo is a wonderful place for everyone either indoor or outdoor. For indoor entertainment, Oslo offers the best art galleries and world-class museums.


Svalbard is a collection of the islands and situated between the Barents Sea, Arctic Ocean, Norwegian Sea, and the Greenland Sea. There is incredible wildlife such as reindeer, whales seals, caribou, polar foxes and polar bears, and walruses. Now, Svalbard is trying to raise its economy towards scientific research and tourism.


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