Top horror movie to watch in 2020


With the advancement and improvement in technology and innovation. Horror movies are getting more realistic and will definitely get ones blood pressure pumping out and adrenaline rushing. With the development and the jump scares. They seek to evoke fear for entertainment purposes and has existed as a film genre for more than a century. They are a terrifying and might leave one struggle to sleep without a night lamp, are scary but also remarkable feasts of cinema and theater and some of the most dominant and persuasive movies.

Series to binge watch on Netflix

1. VFW

This horror movie, released on the 14th February. Involves a young lady robbing a drug dealer on the street and then seeking refugee in the bar, luckily protected by the vets from the minions of atrocious and alarming sociopaths sent to get what was stolen.

2. The lodge

Released on the 7th February. Involved 2 kids , unhappy about the separation of their parents, also involving a step mother. It reveals a spooky and dreadful location where the 3 are waiting for the father. It is either the cabin against the 3 of the kid against the step mother.

3. Invisible man

Released on the 28th February. Involves an invisible man who transforms into a dead torturer and victimizer that willed all his property and wealth to the victim, a lady. The victim develops post traumatic stress disorder due to the abuse and reveals that her sociopathic ex is alive and frightens her but is invisible.

4. Underwater

Released on the 10th January. Involves a group of scientists who have to find their way back up after their underground laboratory is destroyed by an earthquake, leaving them exposed and accessible to the creatures of the ocean.

5. A quiet place part II

Released on the 20th of March. Involves the Abbott family who are forced to leave their house for good and venture into the world, realize and find out that the monsters they are dealing with are not the only ones that are after them.

6. Gretel and hansel

Released on the 30th January, is about a mother who goes mad leaving the siblings to fend for themselves, in the dark woods. Where they stumble upon some food left outside an isolated house. The children soon realize that the friendly benevolent but mysterious behaviour is a part of a malevolent plan to do them harm.

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