Uber Eats Commercial Brings: The Coolest Face-Off Between Start War And Star Trek

Uber Eat Commercial
Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart

Hamill And Patrick Are Together For Uber Eats Commercial

Uber Eats Commercial brings the star together under a roof. Fans went gaga over the new commercial where Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart seems to have a face-off. Both the star headed to a warehouse for the same.

Patrick Stewart the Captain Jean-Luc Picard of Trek fame and Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars world. They both are part of two of the biggest franchises of all time and are popular for their role in the movies.

But both the start have never seen together for any project. It is the first time Uber Eats Commercial made it possible and bring the stars together for a face-off. For the huge popularity of both the movies, they are anyways always the biggest competitor in the business.

Uber Eats commercial made it to the battlefield where both the star were arguing over the correct pronunciation of Tomato. The commercial is nothing to do with any serious battle and is just a fun-filled commercial to promote Uber Eat.

About Uber

Uber, a ride-sharing app that recently launched its food joint and who could promote it better than the two legends. Both of them shared a teaser for the commercial while Patrick shared the full-length commercial in his Twitter handle.

The ad commercial is fun to watch with the hilarious argument over What’s for dinner. And the deadly performance by both the stars just nailed it. The company is surely gonna get a big break for this Uber Eats Commercial.

The Great Chemistry Between The Stars

Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart are friends for many years but never had come for any project together. It is the Uber Eat who made it possible. And now seeing their onset chemistry for the commercial it becomes quite obvious that they are gonna rock if come together for any big project.

Uber Eat Commercial
A scene from the commercial

Can’t wait to see the stars together for a bigger project and not just limited to the Uber Eats Commercial.

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