US elections 2020, Eye on Indian-American voters


US elections 2020

The US elections 2020, is going to be in November. Initially, there were 30 candidates running for the race but now it filters to 5 candidates. As many Indians are residing in the US, so, there is an Eye on Indian-American voters.

Top Democratic leader said Indo-American votes are going to make a huge difference for the winning candidate.

Approximately 3 months are left for the US elections, and all the Republican and the Democratic events are revolving around Indian-American vicinity. Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are the major regions occupying Indian- Americans.

Head of the Democratic Nationwide Committee, Thomas Perez, declares:

  • Michigan has more than 1.25 Lakhs Indian-American voters.
  • Pennsylvania consists of more than 1.5 Lakhs Indian-American voters.
  • Wisconsin occupies 37 thousand Indians.

Perez said, looking to this, these three states alone will matter a lot in US elections 2020. The Indian-American votes alone will create a huge difference.

US elections 2020: Political Survey

Perez says the influence of South Asians is for Biden including AAPI Victory Fund and Indian-American Influence Fund.

The Chairman of AAPI Victory Fund, Shekar Narasimhan, said, there are 3 million strength of Indian-American voters in 8 states of Georgia (150,000), Michigan (125,000), North Carolina (111,000), Arizona (66,000), Florida (193,000), Pennsylvania (156,000), Texas (475,000) and Wisconsin (37,000).

The poll surveys for US elections 2020 declare that the influence for Biden over Trump is twice. He said it seems that for about 75-80 per cent of the Indian-American votes for 2020, will influence the place they work.

Senior advisor of ‘Biden “Julie Chavez Rodriguez, during the campaign, addressed 800 Indian-Individuals throughout the nation. She said they are highly involved in all their activities, so they should vote for ‘Biden’ for the forthcoming US elections.

The nationwide AAPI director for the Biden marketing campaign, Amit Jani, said that the Indian-American vicinity has grown and they keep a strong control in political and civic involvement. However, Indian-Individuals are keeping a strong potential in the US and are also becoming a member of politics and authorities.

The Gist of the whole scenario is that “The US elections 2020 in November for presidential elections are going to be historic”.

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