Video Podcast Feature Spotify Rolls Out its New Feature for All Users

Video Podcast Feature

Spotify’s Video Podcast Feature

Spotify in addition to their music announces the launch of video podcasts globally. People can select the desired video of a creator on Spotify’s new video podcast feature to watch the content. This facility is applicable to both, free users and paid subscribers.

Spotify also says that people can easily move between the video and audio version, unlike YouTube.  Users can multi-task things on the device and audio content will continue playing in the background, even if the phone is locked.

This video podcast feature will work on both, the mobile app and also on the desktop.  The best part is that this feature will work as a separate element and will not replace the audio.

Video Podcast Feature for Creators

Spotify reveals that the creators can get a good opportunity to grow their fan followings. Usually, podcasts had a video option but did not offer creators to share it on its platform.

Creators had the facility to distribute their audio podcast on Spotify and were posting the videos on YouTube.  Now the creators can continue to post both with Spotify’s new video podcast, especially if they’ve already built followers on YouTube.

Creators on Spotify can connect directly with podcast listeners; they need not compete on a broader platform.  Spotify has released video podcast feature from today like- Higher Learning with Van Lathan & Rachel Lindsay, Book of Basketball 2.0, Fantasy Footballers,  and The Rooster Teeth Podcast.

The company, since a long was planning for this video podcast. But, they got the idea when a deal rose with a YouTube-based video operation.

Spotify always links with high-profile podcast deals which can easily translate to video also.

Spotify said in future it will keep working for the new versions and extraordinary things:

  • The WSJ said that recently they had made a deal with Kim Kardashian West.
  • Spotify also collaborated with the Joe Rogan Experience in-house.
  • Currently, Spotify has also collaborated with TikTok star Addison Rae for a video podcast.

Spotify initially collaborated with YouTube stars Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar for the execution of video podcasts at the beginning of the year.  Finally this, video podcast feature became successful and is rolled out from today in the supported markets. The new additions will slowly add into it.


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