“Virgo Tendencies, Pt. 1” EP. : KeKe is back with the latest of the month

KeKe is back with new music video

KeKe Palmer drops are latest music video “Virgo Tendencies, Pt. 1” EP. In the latest video, she speaks largely about sexuality, relationship, and being a woman of her business. KeKe Palmer is one of the bold artists in the industry. She never fears to speak her mind.

The multi-talented actress, show host, the singer is not there in the industry to seatback. She is continuously shining the platform with a new adventure. KeKe palmer releasing back to back music videos from the beginning of the year. Seems this becomes her new favorite and she is enjoying showing her love and passion for music.

KeKe Palmar
Latest of KeKe


The music video includes the track like 800-KEKE, Dreamcatcher, Marvelous ft. 24hrs, Let’s Have a Keke, Snack, Sticky, Twerk N Flirt, Quarantine Blues, Thick, Comfort, The Den, New Nxgga. This tracklist consist some of her previous singles as well.

Quarantine Blues in the tracklist is one of the major attractions in the COVID scenario, where she speaks on the Quarantine time and the new normal.

Cancellation of Talkshow

Earlier this year it was heard that MTV won’t release her talk show Strahan, Sara & Keke amid the COVID situation. While asking Palmer about this she was pretty cool about this. In the COVID scenario, it is very normal to cancels the show. And she is not feeling bad about it, rather expect the news in a positive way.

KeKe made herself busy in pushing more music videos this year rather than being sad for her show cancellation. She is an inspiration to many women is business.

Palmar is the will be seen hosting the MTV video music award ceremony on 30th August. She’s the first black woman hosting the show since 1987.

Check out the tracks of ‘Virgo Tendencies, Pt. 1’

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