Wendy’s free chicken sandwiches: Wendy is giving away free chicken sandwiches for 2 weeks.

Wendy’s free chicken sandwiches:

Wendy’s free chicken sandwiches for 2 weeks.  It’s is giving free chicken sandwiches because Wendy wants to entice customers to try their new menu. Anybody using their app or drive-thru can avail of this offer.

Wendy’s free chicken sandwiches.


Offer on Classic chicken sandwich:

The new offer is happening because the Classic chicken sandwich has replaced Wendy’s homestyle chicken sandwich. One person can avail of one chicken sandwich per week, and the offer is till November 8th and in total 2 sandwiches only. Wendy claims their new sandwiches are juicier and tastier.

The Sandwich War :

The major fast-food giants such as Mc. Donald, Popeyes, and wendy are part of the war for market share. Others went into hysteria when Popeyes launched their fried chicken sandwich and long lines as well as selling out of sandwiches happened.

What is in Wendy’s free chicken sandwiches:

Wendy’s chief marketer Carl Loredo says they can’t wait to see the customers laying hands on their new  Classic chicken sandwich. Already the customers know the taste of Wendy because of their Spicy Chicken and Pretzel Bacon Pub Chicken sandwiches. Classic Chicken sandwiches have fried chicken breast, with crispy bread, layered with tomatoes, pickles, and lettuce.

In the times of Covid19 :

The food chain giants are forced to take drastic steps to achieve their targets. Even if the footfall of the customers is less, sales through online apps are picking up.

And the sandwich war continues:

KFC meanwhile plans to use a 3D bioprinting process. As KFC puts it they are going to make the ‘meat of the future’.There is an increased demand for plant-based alternatives to meat because of this KFC is planning to make fake meat. The 3D bioprinting technique is the same but organic material is being used. Research on how these fake chicken products will affect human health needs to be seen.

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