No More Celebrities For Comic Relief Africa Charity

Comic Relief Africa And Debate

Comic relief is a charity set in the year 1985 by Sir Lenny Henry. They help the underprivileged people in Africa and the UK. And to accomplish the mission the charity for many days now sending celebrities to those areas to put a light in their life.

But recently Comic Relief Africa is having some criticism because of racism. MP David Lammy’s several attacks on the matter lead the charity to completely ban the system of sending celebrities.

Stacey Dooley visit to Uganda and Ed Sheren’s fund rising video in Africa raising the fuel. The MP finds no reason to fundraise for the black with the help of white. He thinks it is of no use and Comic Relief Africa is unnecessary.

The Locals Should Be Promoted More

Rather the charity should focus on the local and use their talent for the fundraising programs. Well, he is very much right and now the Comic relief Africa authorities are also thinking the same way.

Earlier many big celebrities from Hollywood featured in Comic relief fundraising program. They went to the remote place and by showing different activities raised funds for the underprivileged in Africa.

Comic relief basically raises funds by showing a comedy program. Earlier they used to send comedians for the fundraising purpose. And then with time, they included other programs like singing, dancing by white stars to raise funds.

Locals Will Make Documentaries Showing The Roots

Even the short video clips of Hollywood star spending time with underprivileged children helped them to raise funds. But as now the racism debate is at its peak Comic relief Africa no more will send celebrities to those places.

Comic Relief Africa
Celebrity for Charity

Rather they will promote the African young talent who r rooted in the place and know about the problems. They will promote their own places by making films and documentaries. Comic relief from now onwards will use the local content for fundraising.

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