Work From Home: A Case Study On Indians After Covid-19 Pandemic


Work from Home

Work from Home Scenario

The need for this kind of scenario altogether took U-turn from the routine existing style of working in India. India now has started using the methodology of work from home, what western countries have been practising it, since along.

Various surveys have been done by a group of people in WFM situations. It was surprising to know that approximately 74 % of people wish to work from home. This report is released later on Wednesday (22.07.2020). But this is also very clear that they have been working more than what they did before lockdown. So, COVID19 made them more energetic, relaxed and also, was able to use the time which was getting wasted in transportation.

The global PC market leader Lenovo recently released a new report saying about 62% of people live in fear of losing their jobs. About 82% of people revealed that they feel more secure for their personal data protection. Work from home situations also minimizes theft of data.

Survey Conducted on WFH

Ninety-one per cent (91%) People have also committed that they have been using their laptops more in Pandemic. This usage is much higher than the global average of 85%.

Rahul Agarwal, CEO and MD, Lenovo India points towards the developmental shift in the modern workforce scenario. He also said to empower this WFH conditions. People about 95 % have also confessed that work from home has made them more independent. They have become strong in technology and were also able to solve most of the errors at their end.

One of the surveys also came up with the thought process of people. About 70 % of people claim that it is essential to have separate devices (personal computers/phones) for their personal and professional life.

Finally, Dilip Bhatia, Vice President of Global User and Customer Experience at Lenovo claims that people are enjoying this scenario more as they are able to balance well with their professional and personal life.

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