World Photography Day: A day to cherished by all the photographers out there

World Photography Day observed every year to celebrate the art of photography and it’s significance. It is a day to create awareness about photography and it’s importance. Photography is nothing but a form of art where photographers depict the emotions through the lens.

A good photograph evoke the emotions without any word. From the early 19th century Photography becomes and important part of our life. A photograph is the only way to capture a moment and live it through the life. Before lenses, painting was the only way to frame your desired moment or person. Which was more time consuming and not accurate with details.

world photography day
World photography day

Cameras made it easy to frame the moments or the person more accurately for through out the life. With time the cameras and lenses are coming up with more advanced technology to capture the best of it.

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Photography is no more restricted to cameras now a days. Everyone has inbuilt cameras in their cell phone. With the help of which anyone at anytime can capture any moment. Every photographs tells a story which is more impactable than thousand words.

Photography is an art, a passion people live for. You certainly capture the moments you love and frame it for life. A photographer tells his story through the photographs.

Cheers to all the photographers out there!


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