5 Ways to motivate yourself

Motivate Yourself: Maybe you are feeling stuck, bored, unfocused, and uninspired during this lockdown period. You are constantly struck by negative thoughts and anxiety about the future. Self-motivation is the only hope to come out from this phase, without self-motivation you can’t achieve your goals.  

What is self-motivation 

It is a hope to purse your dreams. 

An effort to do your best in your life. 

A drive to continue your work. 

An inspiration to inspire you. 

An energy to provide a positivity in your life.  


5 ways to self-motivate  

1)Be focus 

It’s very difficult to be focused on your dream there is many things in your life which diverts you in different phase of life. Many things in life which could attract you and you may think to change your steps, and many unknown conditions of your life lead to diverts your path. 

By focusing your mind on a positive goal instead of an anxiety about future, you put your brain to function. This is the essential step for motivating yourself to take action. When you well focused, you become motivated to take action. 

Consistency is required behaviour toward purpose to focus it and not to give up. Once you have a purpose then you should stick to it until to achieve even how tough the way is. 

2) Set plans 

You have to always remind yourself what you are doing and what is your goals. And you should make a small plan according to your goals so you can be focused on what you want achieve. 

Develop a day to day strategy to achieve your plans. A lack of plans direction kills motivation because without decided next action we could stuck to the procrastination. 

The key to setting plans is identifying the task that lead to success. Arrange these tasks according to your timeline and comfort for your goals. 

Making a to-do list is a great way to organise your thoughts, but you have to keep it short. A short to-do list is easier to start because you can see the end of it, and it will make you feel more motivated and less overwhelmed than a long one. 

do something great

 3) Be updated  

World is changing in every minute, and people are also updating themselves according to new circumstances. 

You should always keep yourself updated with upcoming news, new technology, and new ideasSo, you can develop new ideas according to the new circumstances. 

Use some new technology-based application, which can help you to setting and reminding your plans.  

Take advantage of social media, everyone spent some time on Facebook and twitter, these platforms become a great platform to showcase your skill or ideas to the world. 

 4) Confidence 

Confidence plays a vital role for self-motivation; lack of confidence kills the motivation. The more negatively you think, you will lose your confidence to pursue your goals.  

When you truly believe that you deserve success and you will achieve your goals, your mind will generate different ways to achieve it.  

Make a list of your past success, strength, experiences and advantages. By making an attempt to feel grateful, you will realize how capable and successful you already are. This will generate your confidence and get you motivated to enjoy on your current success. 

Eating well and exercising boosts endorphins, which make you feel good and stimulates a more positive mood. When you exercise, you’ll ease stress and feel better about yourself.  

 5)Try new things 

Maybe you feel bored of doing same thing, you can try new things to refresh yourself. 

Find your inner creativity, maybe you like to dance, paint, write and many hidden things which makes you complete. Indulging in these activities, it boosts your mood and gives new power to work. 

It is not required to always focused on one hobby, you can look for new sources of inspiration that will give you fresh ideas and motivate you to generate unique answers to questions. 

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