Aloe Vera – a versatile plant

The Aloe vera is medium size plant of unique characteristics with spiky and bitter leaves, which provides a distinct beauty to this plant. The leaves contain a viscous translucent gel, which is extremely bitter in taste, and known all over the world for it’s amazing healing properties. Aloe vera is a “succulent plant” i.e. plants may store water in various structures, such as leaves and stems, in aloe vera it is stored as form of juice and has various beneficial for us.

Aloe vera usually planted as decorative plants both in gardens and in pots. Many aloe vera species are highly attractive and can be grown in home too. Among the many plant parts that are in use today, the Aloe Vera is the most versatile one with its various effective use.

Chemical properties of Aloe vera

About 99% of the Aloe vera plant is composed of water, with the remaining 1% being solid materials made of glucomannans, amino acids, lipids, sterols and vitamins.

Aloe vera contains 75 potentially active constituents: vitamins, enzymes, minerals, sugars, lignin, saponins, salicylic acids and amino acids.

Types of Aloe vera plants

There are many spices of this plant, some of the species are:

  • Lace Aloe
  • Golden Toothed Aloe
  • Tiger Tooth Aloe
  • Short-Leaf Aloe
  • Red Aloe
  • Snake Aloe
  • Sunset Aloe
  • Sand Aloe

Aloe Vera for Beauty

It contains essential vitamins and minerals that help to fight off free radicals that may cause wrinkling, so it can slow the aging of the skin.

Antioxidants in aloe vera neutralize the free radicals and helps reduce wrinkled skin. The effect may result in firmer, smoother and hydrated skin.

Aloe vera has constituents that help in binding moisture to the skin due to its hydrating properties.

It treats the cells on the epithelial level of the skin which helps to treat sunburn and stretch marks.

Aloe vera gel can be applied directly to the skin, another way to make a pack using aloe vera gel along with some other special ingredients from your kitchen according to your skin sensitivity.

For healing

Aloe vera is full of antioxidants, which act as natural immune enhancers that helps combat free radicals in the body. So, it helps to keep away from diseases.

Aloe vera can speed up wound healing by enhancing blood circulation through the area and preventing cell death around a wound.

It fights against infection due to antimicrobial properties and soothe the infected area.

Aloe vera helps in healing insect bites and also used as treatment for small cuts, bruises, and bug bites.

It is used in traditional Indian medicine and also great significant in Ayurveda medicine for treatment of constipation, skin diseases, worm infestation, infections, diabetes and as a natural remedy for colic.

Aloe gel is used for treating osteoarthritis, stomach ulcers, bowel diseases, fever, depression, asthma, itching and inflammation.

It is also used for soothing side effects of radiation treatment.

Aloe vera gel owns anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties that help in treating pimple and acne in a natural way.

Helps in Hair Growth

Aloe vera gel helps in promoting the new hair growth as it increases the blood circulation to the hair scalp. And also keeps away from stress and mental strain.

It also helps in repairing dead skin cells by smoothing the skin and hair due to its proteolytic enzymes.

It’s also acts as a good conditioner for hair and makes hair shiny and smooth.

This helps in regenerating the hair with its nutrient, and gives more resistance and prevent from breakage.

Helps in weight loss and digestion

Aloe Vera juice is full of antioxidants that prevent the formation of free radicals inside the body, which helps to fight against diseases and also help in balanced body weight.

It lowers the blood glucose levels inside the body which limits the build-up of body fats by slowing down the sugar absorption rate in the body thus it makes you full for longer time.

Aloe Vera juice can naturally boost your metabolism, it means more calories can be easily burn and it is easier to lose weight.

If you consume aloe vera juice daily, it helps in digestion due to it its laxative properties.

It eliminates harmful elements from your body through smooth excretion due to its adaptogenic properties.

Side effect and precautions

Most people can be allergic to the aloe vera gel, causing skin allergies, skin rashes, irritation and burning sensation. If you experience a rash, you could have a sensitivity to the gel and should stop using it immediately.

Consuming daily aloe vera juice might cause your blood sugar levels to drop. So, you should be careful about your blood sugar level if you are consuming daily.

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