On Tuesday evening a large group of maskless carolers people gathered to protest a likely extension of Los Angles country’s against stay at home as it has been reported from our sources that a group included more than 150 people gathered in the parking lot at 5.30 in Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks. It is lead by Kirk Cameron the American actorKirk Cameron

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As most of them were not following proper guidelines, not maintaining the social distancing and some of them doesn’t wear the mask as of now it wasn’t the first such protest from Cameron recently on December 13 similar protest held Health officials said in their statement that Tuesday can prove more deadly. Dr Suman Radnakrishna from the health California medical center claimed that some of the great events has taken so many lives as in the event the social distancing is not followed easily by people and she also said that vaccine is just on the way.


So we have to just wait it out. On Monday said by Gavin Newsom (Governor of California) that there be a regional stay at home in which almost 11 countries are included. well the conformation has not given by Newsom that how much longer the order been imposed the regional stay at home will be ended by 28 December.

Kirk Cameron, Large Group Of Carolers Protest Stay-At-Home

The movement has taken in California When the peaceful protest going on Instagram by Cameron also encouraged the people to protest in a decent manner with a song and then it also affected and spread to the communities on social media around Los Angles as the new of cases of covid 19 reported in LA reported around  12,946 and 88 deaths so it is a serious matter so all the communities protest in a decent way and follow the guidelines as it is reported that there is a mutation in covid 19 at it is more deadly from earlier one.