American Gods Season 4 Renewed, Shadow Moon is back again with Mr. Wednesday, Release date, plot and more!

American Gods Season 4 Renewed for Starz

American Gods season 4’s renewal has surprised the thousands of fans who watched the show. Or rather, surprised the fans that remain. Throughout the production of the series there have been tensions on the rise and actors on the low. In this article, we’re going to be running an overview on what exactly went so wrong ever since season 2. What showrunners failed, and who succeeded? Is American Gods season 4 a mistake or a new hope for this disorganized show?

Is American Gods Cancelled? Season One in Review.

Surprisingly, no. Many fans expected the show to end around season 2. However, it’s endured for longer than expected. The drama surrounding even just the genesis of the show has been substantial enough to warrant a cancellation. Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, two showrunners of the once popular show dropped from the show, and despite Starz wishing to depict the fallout as amiable, it seemed all but so in the American Gods family.

Rumors flew over Fuller and Green’s supposed battle of the budgets, the show’s budget to be exact. Surprisingly enough, both were quite attached to the source material, the novel by Neil Gaiman. American Gods was immensely important to the both of them, even in a budget battle, making this dispute more messy than it first appeared.–American Gods Season 4.

The Bryan Fuller Breakup: Beginning of the Decline

THR claimed that Green and Gaiman had differences about the series’ direction for the current future at the time. Additionally, the author also had contentions with this direction, outright being stunned at the decision making that would have pulled the story in and away from what would have been a 1 to 1 adaptation of the 2001 book he created. Additionally to this, the budget war taking place was no small one: it covered nearly $30 million in costs. And what’s more: they wanted more for the second season.–American Gods Season 4.

Amidst all the crisis of season one, Jesse Alexander, someone who worked with Fuller on Hannibal and Star Trek, was officially named around that time as the next showrunner. Allegedly, by this time, more or less six full scripts had been thrown out for season one between Green and Fuller. The rush was on for everyone, including Alexander and Gaiman returning as they fought to get the series back in action for the January 2019 release date.

Even in the genesis we can see the show bled showrunners, but this is simply the beginning. It later would begin to bleed actors and exchange them even more frequently.

Will there be American Gods season 3? Season 2 in Review.

American Gods Season 4 Poster
American Gods Season 4 Poster

An additional worry for season 2 stemmed from season 1’s past. Gillian Anderson left the American Gods series before season 2 was released. This placed heavy weights on fans and producers shoulders alike. Media’s role remained empty in need or replacement. Because of Bryan Fullers untimely exit, Anderson made hers too.

At the time, no formal announcement of a replacement existed. With two showrunners and a primary actor gone, season 2 sought its own jeopardy. Apparently the role Anderson played as Media depended on the previously mentioned showrunner. Later that year, she confirmed once again to not be returning for season 2. Production hung in the air at best.

At this time, Anderson was not the only troubled star involved with the series’ production and shift in showrunners. Kristin Chenoweth stated that Bryan was a motivating figure in the show and that with a new showrunner, the future was uncertain for the show.

Why was Jesse Alexander fired?: American Gods Season 4

To make matters worse surrounding season 2’s production, another valuable member dropped from the team late in the game: Alexander. Yet another showrunner within two seasons had been “Schrodinger’s fired” from the project. After failing to write a season finale by the seventh script retake, Jesse left the project by being exiled.

Those who preformed this exile had done it in favor of doing this instead of outright firing another showrunner, and looking even worse. Starz forbid him from editing, making changes, making input, or essentially making anything for the season 2’s close. American Gods began a plummet despite initial success. The conflict started in season one concerning how the book would be portrayed only worsened in season two.– American Gods Season 4

Sources at the time cited ongoing conflict between Starz and Fremantle. Author Gaiman also tried to assert control over the series. Actors and influencers tried rewriting script pages. Fremantle, who had tried securing a higher budget, now overspent to complete the season. At best, fans considered this all a mess. Fans began to leave due to the drama alone. Two years delayed now, American Gods looked the part.

Are American Gods worth watching? Season Three in Review.

American Gods Season 4 will updated soon
American Gods Season 4 Will be updated Soon

As if matters couldn’t go worse, they did. Orlando Jones did not drop from the show, he was fired. New showrunner Charles Eglee made this decision. Jones dropped the news on twitter back during the hype of the season, causing fans to question the show’s leadership. The curse-covered video on Twitter trended as fans outraged. Charles Eglee’s decision was based on the notion that the character Mr. Nancy was sending “the wrong message to black America.” While there was no immediate response at the time, Starz eventually did make one. You can view the response here: American Gods Explains Orlando Jones Exit, Vows to Remain ‘One of the Most Diverse Series on TV’ in Season 3

Green and Fuller both responded to the tweet. Green described the news as heartbreaking, while Fuller described Jones’ work on the show talented and essential. A follow up tweet was later sent with Jones describing Fermantle’s leadership in the project as “a nightmare.”

Fans wonder, as 2020 leads to a resume in the entertainment industry’s momentum, if the show will pick up again in a brighter light. While the fandom remains doubtful, we can only sit back and see what will happen in this soon arriving season 4.

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