Blake Shelton New House With Stefani In LA

Stefani and Shelton
The Love Abode In LA

Shelton And Stefani’s New Love Abode

Blake Shelton New House with Gwen Stafani is another way to resemble their love for each other. The star couple is quite open about their relationship and waiting for a dream wedding.

Both the singer is from different places but share a common bond that is more than the fact of them being from a different place. But Shelton and Stefani both are very much attached to their respective hometown.

While Shelton love to stay in California, Stefani loves to spend her leisure in Los Angles. Amid the differences, the couple seems to adjust very well with each other.

Location And Value

Stefani spending time with California but to her comfort in LA, the star couple bought a house in LA. They jointly bought a house that indicates the long togetherness of the stars. The report says they bought the beautiful picturesque house in LA for $13 million.

The house is located between 3 mountains a little far from the main city of LA. the house is beautifully arranged with a big swimming pool, three-car garages, and an outdoor kitchen that just perfect for enjoying some quality time with each other.

The house is not in the center of LA and a little apart from that situated in  San Fernando Valley north of Beverly Hills. Stefani and Shelton’s love abode is everything one asks for a comfortable stay in the heart of nature. Stefani even planning to get married in the house.

Other Plans Apart From Blake Shelton New House With Stefani

Yes, you heard it right Stefani and Shelton for many days now planning to get married after five years of an intense relationship. They decided to step into a new life together soon. But COVID became a villain in the show and the marriage is in a stack for the start couple.

Shelton and Stefani
Happy Family

Amid the pandemic, their marriage is on the card and we might see a big fat wedding anytime soon.

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