Google will use your phone to detect earthquakes soon

Google to detect earthquake
Google to detect earthquake using Android phones

Natural calamities like earthquake are becoming more common these days. Google is rolling out a new feature to get prepare for such incidence . This feature will help you to get the information of the coming natural calamity in advance.

Earthquakes are becoming quite common and Google has seen this as an opportunity to make people aware about this in advance. This feature will be rolling out with the help of Android. Smartphones come with small accelerometers that can sense signals which indicate an earthquake might be happening. “If the phone detects something that it thinks may be an earthquake detection server, along with a coarse location of where the shaking occurred,” explains Stogaitis in the blog post.

Click here to watch a video about the same.

Google is trying to add this feature in Search. As we look up for ‘earthquake’ or ‘earthquake near me’ the relevant search will be shown. These information given to you will be fast and accurate. This information will also show you the are which is impacted due to the disaster.

At the moment this feature will only be available in the US. In the upcoming year we will see this rolling out to most of the countries across the world.

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