Is ‘The Resident’ on the Chopping Block? Some Celebrities Think Season 4 Would Be the past

Caution: SPOILERS for Season 4 of the Resident are forward!

The Resident Season 4– Medical dramas continue to be amazingly popular in the tv arena as fans might get spent at the lifestyles of their hospital team and also the revolving door of patients that seek treatment.

Much like Grey’s Anatomy and E.R., ” The Dice has got a loyal and committed fan base from recent years since it surfaced. The Fox play centers around the doctors, nurses, and also another employee at Chastain Memorial Park Hospital.

Very similar to Meredith and Derek Shepherd’s love on Grey’s Anatomy, The compilation featured the on and off relationship between nurse pro Nicolette”Nic” Nevin (Emily VanCamp) and main resident Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry).

But, many marching 4 storylines appeared to indicate the series was, all in all, causing some fans to wonder about the play’s future.

Is Your Resident canceled? Continue reading to learn if a choice was made.

THE RESIDENT: Malcolm-Jamal Warner ©2020 Fox Media LLC Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX
THE RESIDENT: Malcolm-Jamal Warner ©2020 Fox Media LLC Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX

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Why is the Resident season 4 canceled?

Despite finishing Season 3 ancient as a result of pandemic shut-downs, The Resident failed to reunite for Season 4 in January of 2021. The show took the COVID-19 pandemic head on from the summer season 4 premiere, however, a later time jump enabled the characters to proceed beyond herpes.

Though Nic and Conrad tied the knot at Season 4 (and the 2 learned they were expecting their first child), that isn’t an indication that the series is unquestionably finishing.

After all, The Resident was revived for a fourth season roughly a month later Season 3 months wrapped. Bearing this in mind, audiences likely won’t understand the show’s renewal or renewal before summer or spring of 2021.

A choice concerning The Resident Season 5 hasn’t yet been made, however, the manufacturers aren’t considering wrap up the’ characters’ storylines with Season 4.

While addressing Entertainment Weekly following the summer season 4 premiere, Executive Producer Andrew Chapman reported he is expecting for the series to last, despite giving fans exactly what they wanted with the Nic/Conrad love affair.

“We do not need this to be our ultimate season,” he said when asked about the near future of this Resident. “We’ve been officially revived by Fox… We’ve got lots more stories to share with what we now do have to say concerning medical care, and also much more to say concerning our personalities and where they’re getting. We’ve already begun wondering where to shoot such characters in season 5 — I will say about this really is handkerchiefs. It will likely be fine!”

However, fans are of the opinion something big is forthcoming.

Can Be Nic (Emily VanCamp) departing the Resident’?

Since there is a finality into the love between Nic and Conrad, also there isn’t any indication of this show slowing, a few fans are far a little stressed that a huge passing or departure is imminent.

Together with Nic’s maternity and her background for putting her entire life online to help patients, so lots of audiences feel she will possibly be the person to shake the series in front of a fifth-year-old. This might explain the marriage plot went ahead sooner than a few expected it’d from the series’s run.

While Emily VanCamp has not signaled that she is leaving the series, there is every chance that big changes are coming into Chastain Memorial Park Hospital. What they’re, exactly, remains to be viewed.

The Resident airs on Tuesdays at the pm on Fox.

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