Jennifer Aniston faces backlash from netizens for her our First Pandemic Post

Recently there is a post shared by Jennifer Aniston an Instagram story on Friday showcasing the picture of a Christmas tree message using the engraved font and the message was (Our first Pandemic 2020). While some Twitter users are calling Jenifer for the Ornament, with some calling her that lots of people have lost their lives in deadly coronavirus, so yes users have their perception some of them were happy and some of the not, basically the Twitter reaction was mixed. All celebrities have shown their emotion and feelings during this deadly pandemic coronavirus and one user replied on the Jennifer Instagram story given below.

Our sources reported that there is snap showed a round wooden decoration kind of old skool type showing (our first pandemic 2020) and the word our carved into the round wooden decoration.Well, Jennifer didn’t reveal that the ornament has belonged to her or not written by other social media user pointing out her post and written that Jennifer Aniston recently shared a post on her Instagram expressing her empathy towards telling the guidelines of coronavirus and also urge that please were a mask and maintain social distancing the user had defended her Instagram post.
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Our First Pandemic 2020

Jennifer Aniston received major blackish there was a section some of her fans supported her and some of her fans defending her. one of her fans replied that it was humor. Jennifer Aniston resumed the second season shoot (The morning show) well seasons shoot began in October after a deadly pandemic and also reported from our sources that the theme of the season is related to pandemics. One of the users wrote that cheers well this our first pandemic of 2020 where millions of people died or maybe beyond that so yes let us celebrate Christmas. So we hope that 2021 bring happiness in our lives till then we have to take precaution.