Joaquin Phoenix First Child With Rooney Mara

Joaquin Phoenix first child saw the light of earth a month ago. Both the star couple are very much private about their personal life. And thus post 1 month of their baby boy born no one knows about it.

It was only  Victor Kossakovsky who confirmed the news during one of his interviews at the Zurich Film Festival. Victor is the director of Gunda, and Joaquin co-produce the film. The media get to know by his statement.

He congratulates Joaquin there for the arrival of his first child. However soon after the news spread, fans congratulate the star couple for their first child.

Joaquin Phoenix first child named River after his brother’s name. Who was a promising and rising star. But unfortunately, he died at a very tender age at the peak of his career. Phoenix still misses him and admire him.

It was a tough time for Phoenix and his family to deal with the incident. They lost a gem on the course and it was hard to cope up with the reality. Also because of the sudden media attention they fought a really hard time.

River in a very short period achieved a lot. He became one of the youngest stars of the industry and was known by all. He was popular as well as famous for his amazing performance and skills.

So, very naturally media attention was there. No one could take the uncertain demise of such a talented personality. But it was all new for the Phoenix family and they just lost their elder child at a very young age.


Joaquin and RooneyCelebrities attend the closing ceremony of the 70th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France. Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara were rumored to be hand in hand at the closing ceremony.
However, they came out of the shock and Joaquin also establish himself in the film industry. He met Rooney back in 2012 in the set of Her. He attracted immediately her and became e-mail friends. 

Both of them took it slow where after years in 2019 they announced their engagement. It was only after wrap up of Mary Magdelene, they filmed together and confirmed their relationship on Cannes.

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