The Call Trailer’s Out: Bell and Shaye seeking Revenge

The wait is over Folks! The call trailer’s out. Finally, From the looks of it, the call is going to be an interesting watch with horror icons Tobin Bell and Lin Shaye. They are out seeking revenge in the trailer. The film is set in the fall of 1987 and is based on a small group of friends. These friends have to survive a night in the house of a sinister couple. Any guesses as to who that “couple” is? Oh well, you will find out.

The trailer is now out and it was released by Cinedigm. A glimpse of the trailer highlights how a small prank had horribly backfired. And the four friends were lured in by bells character. They go with bell because the offer is very tempting but are unaware of the cost it comes with.

Insights into the Trailer

The call trailer is out, we will give you a little insight into what you can expect from the film. The first look at the trailer reveals that Shaye’s character was being tormented by 4 kids and she got her revenge. Well from her grave to be precise. The kids that tormented Shaye get a shock when they come to know that she had died. Meanwhile, her husband forces them to make a call.

the call trailer's out
” The Call insights”

Wow, just the word call gives me chills. The call is to his dead wife and they will receive $100,000 from her will. The call gets picked up on the other end and hence the story begins. Since it is common with most horror movies that all the information is divulged by the trailer, the call is different. The trailer just vaguely hints at the plot but does not give away everything.

Patrick Stibbs is the writer of the call while it is being produced by Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick, Zebulun Huling, James Cullen Bressack, Gina Rugolo, and Randy J. Goodwin. Bell and Lin are both icons of horror movies with Lyne’s credits include the insidious, the grudge, etc. Meanwhile, Bell has played his role of “Jigsaw” in Saw Franchise in all the eight movies. I just can’t wait to see both these iconic stars in one movie. Cinedigm is exclusively releasing The Call in theatres on October 2.

The call trailer’s out. Do give it a watch guys.

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