Planning a trip soon? Google adds new pandemic- related travel booking tools

Google the most popular Search Engine has added a new tool. This tool is related to the on going pandemic. The tool will give us the information on the situation of the spread of the virus in that area. This tool can be of a great use to the people fond of travelling.

Also this tool can help you plan your trip better in the near future. These tools will include local Covid-19 case counts and trip search rules among many others. This tool will show you availability of flights to your favorite place, availability of hotels, the precautions taken to restrict the spread of the virus, etc. These trends and features join the existing alerts about whether there’s currently a travel advisory for your destination in Google search.

Click here to watch a video about the impact on travel due to the Virus.

This tool will activate the Google Travel while you start search of the hotels, flight, etc. The feature of Google Travel will help you to avoid the places which are active with the virus. Google Travel is also getting an additional feature that shows if your vacation reservation is offering free refunds with an additional option to filter your searches exclusively by that criterion. The feature will also show you the place to test yourself for the virus.

By knowing the percentage of operational hotels helps, it doesn’t distinguish which of those available options is better equipped to provide a safe stay. The new additions include “travel trends” that show what percentage of hotels have availability and flights in operation to that area.

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