Rock Formation that looks like Cookie Monster could be worth more than $10,000

Me want cookie! (Famous phrase of Cookie Monster) modified. And Rare rock collectors are quoting “Me want Cookie Monster Rock!” Nowadays.  And Be it at a price of $10,000 or more.

Wondering why? And what is so special about this Rock? That, People wanted to pay this much amount just for mere Rock.  Let’s find out together.

What is Cookie Monster Rock?

Cookie Monster Rock is the Rock that discovered in the Rio Grande dol Sul Region in Brazil as per the Daily mail Report. The owner of the Rock is Mike Bower (Geologist). Well, he couldn’t really believe his eye when he got offers in grands. We also can’t believe that a Rock could cost you this much.

As this Rock is Agate- Rock as per discoveries it is not that rare find, so why it is making headlines? The only Reason we can think of for now is it’s an uncanny resemblance to Cookie Monster. If you look at this Rock you will definitely feel it will ask for more cookies now, you know what we meant here right?

when found, this Cookie Monster Rock looked completely like an egg-shaped volcanic rock. But to mike’s surprise when he split opened the rock there you go, got 2 Cookie Monster “Rock”.

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Is Geologist Mike Bower selling Cookie Monster Rock?

Even after getting more than 10 grands it is not clear that he is selling this rare looking rock or not. But he definitely got some Rock admirers maybe if we get a deal he couldn’t really resist. But for now, Rock is with him only. After posting a short clip of this Rock it has become an internet sensation just like expected from Cookie Monster. And he started getting high bids for this rare Cookie Monster Rock.

Highlights :

Cookie Monster Rock Worth more than $10,000
  • Rock found in a region of  Brazil has a perfect resemblance to Cookie Monster.
  • This Cookie Monster Rock is now with geologist Mike Bower.
  • He is getting offers higher than $10,000 for this Rock.
  • It has caught buyers’ attention when Mike posted a short clip of this Rock on his Facebook account.

What do you think about this Rock? Would you buy Cookie Monster Rock for more than $10,000?

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