Snyder Cut teaser released before the DC FanDome

Film maker, Zack Snyder released a teaser for his Justice League:Snyder cut before the upcoming, DC FanDome. He released the Snyder Cut teaser before the DC FanDome

Filmmaker, Zack Snyder, released the teaser of the HBO version of his upcoming Justice league today. Justice League: Snyder Cut teaser was on Vero account of Zack Snyder. Even though, the release of the teaser was planned in the DC event , FanDome. Zack went ahead to post the same on his Twitter handle as well.

the trailer is 20 seconds long. The audience also see the new Superman in the teaser. Henry Cavill plays the role of Super man. In the teaser, he is seen inspecting the broken statue of his which was placed in the honor of Man of Steel. The teaser also teases the audience with a snapshot of the Pre-Cyborg victor Stone arc. The teaser ends while the Justice League assembles to get back in action. The fans are excited to see what is coming in the FanDome.

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DC FanDome

Snyder Cut teaser
The DC FanDome will launch on August 22, Saturday.

The panel of the Justice League: Snyder Cut is on the schedule of the FanDome at 2:30 pm PDT/5:30 pm ET.. There are several other highly anticipated panels from the DC Universe. Some of which includes The suicide Squad, Black Adam, Aquaman, Shazam!, Wonder Woman 1984 and The Batman. Plus, there will be several world premiers, behind the scenes, fan theories, characters who come from the DC world and many more.

The DC FanDome will launch on August 22, Saturday. the event is a two part event. It is one of the biggest events for the DC universe and its fans. After the largely felt absence of the DC at ComicCon@home, fans expect the event to be the biggest DC event in 2020. The event has a large list of stars added to it who will be present at the event.

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