Oscar 2023 Predictions: First Stab at Winners Following Nominations

Oscar 2023 Predictions

EW’s Oscar 2023 predictions feature one of the most exciting fields of potential honorees in recent memory, including Hollywood heavy hitters (Steven Spielberg, Viola Davis) and first-time nominees (Brendan Fraser, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michelle Yeoh), as well as some high-profile snubs to watch out for. One main force often determines the Best Picture winner. Either … Read more

Exploring the Watery World of ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’

Avatar: The way of Water

James Cameron, the filmmaker behind the iconic movies like Titanic and Avatar. He has always been known for his ambitious and visually stunning movies. James has a unique ability to transport the audience to different worlds. He make them believe in the power of cinema. With the release of his latest film, “Avatar: The Way … Read more