The child inside you is about to come out. Hulu has secured the rights to stream Thundercats. And you don’t have to wait very long, as Thundercats on Hulu will stream from Tomorrow. The best part is it will contain both the awesome collection from the original and the reboot from 2011.  All 130 of the original series and 26 from the reboot are exclusively going to stream Hulu. The original version was aired between 1985 and 1989.  The cartoon although similar to most of the shows of 80’s was set apart because of its setting. Thundercats with its dark and dreary third earth setting with a villain Scary Mumm-Ra was different from cartoons like GI-Joe.

Thundercats on Hulu is a superb addition to the network. With other streaming services lack of classic cartoons, this is going to be a huge success. In Thundercats basically catlike aliens embark on an adventure. When the planet Thundera is on the verge of dying Thundercats are forced to leave their home. But as they were fleeing from thundera they are attacked by mutants of Plun-Darr. Thus they end up on third earth and the story continues with them searching the mutants.  Folks you will have to watch Thundercats on Hulu to know how the story goes. You know kids today would still enjoy this cartoon as it was ahead of its time with space and other world dynamics.

thundercats on hulu

Thundercats on Hulu

Unknown Facts about Thundercats
  1. Ever wonder why the Thundercats has an anime like feel? It’s because the show was animated in japan but was never aired there.
  2.  In 1980s many parents felt that cartoons were a bad influence on children. Hence every episode of Thundercats was reviewed by a psychologist first.
  3. James Lipton did not write the Thundercats theme song. Say what now! Yes, guys, the beloved theme song was actually written by Bernie Hoffer.
  4. In the reboot Lion-o was voiced by Batman aka Friedle. Wow how awesome is that.

Batman shouting that iconic catchy intro: Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats Ho!

I know what I am doing in my free time. What about you? Are you going to catch Thundercats on Hulu? Comment below.