TikTok Announces Website amidst the spread rumors

TikTok is making it to headlines for quite a few times now. Recently TikTok announces website to take a control over the widely spread rumors. Along with the website TikTok also running a Twitter account to aware people from the misinformations.

US president Donald Trump shows his disappointment on twitter because of security issues. India recently banned TikTok amidst the ongoing dispute with China. Now in USA also twitter is on a verge of banning. President Donald Trump issued a 90 days notice to sell of it’s US business. Else it will be banned in USA.

New website launched

Soon after the announcement there were multiple rumors came up about Microsoft, Oracle and Twitter bidding for TikTok to buy the US business. Report says this companies are in a talk with ByteDance. Though no clarification form the company ByteDance is there.

To stop all the misinformation and rumors ByteDance launch a new website named ‘TikTok Comms’ along with the original TikTok official platform. From now on all the official information about the platform will be in their official website ‘TikTok Comms’. Also the Twitter account carry the official information about the site.

TikTok in a blog made it clear that they don’t support of spread misinformation and rumors in their platform or about their platform.

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ByteDance urge to it’s user not to go with the misinformation and rumors and to depend in their official website and Twitter handle for any sort of information. The new information hub will always be in users support with all the valid infromation. And thus users should rely on the official Twitter and website for information related TikTok.

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