Hocus Pocus Stars Reunite for Betty Midlers Gala this Halloween

Every year around Halloween Betty Midler throws a costume gala for raising funds for those in need. But this year’s gala will come with a virtual twist. And the exciting news is that the gala will see Hocus Pocus stars reunite. Earlier this year Disney had hinted at a Hocus Pocus sequel and we can’t wait for it.  Hocus Pocus 2 will be directed by Adam Shankman is set to begin production early next year. Midler, Parker, and Najimy will be returning as the Sanderson sisters.

Friday, October 30 is the day we will see Hocus Pocus starts to reunite and just in time for Halloween. Since it is for the benefit of the New York Restoration project the stars will come together for a special virtual celebration. The celebration is a part of Betty Midler’s annual Hulaween gala. It will be a one-hour special, fans mark the day 30 October. Meanwhile, the organizers have some special extra spooky guests up to their sleeves too. We don’t know who, but that just adds to the appeal.

Insight into the Gala

Hocus Pocus stars reunite
“Hulaween Gala”

In 1993 the trio stared as the “Sanderson Sisters” in the film. They were 17th-century witches who were awakened by the pranksters in Salem. While they could have been immortal as the key to their forever involved three children and a talking cat. Who actually turned out to be their biggest obstacles.

The ticket to see the Hocus Pocus Stars reunite can be brought for $10.  All the proceeds from the sale will go for NYRP’s work in the environment and social justice.  Meanwhile well ahead of the virtual reunion fans can shop for treats that are inspired by Hocus Pocus online.

The sequel has been given the green light by Disney. Although the cast has not been announced yet, the rumor is that the writer is trying to find a way to revive original Witches.

Get ready to be Spooked by Sanderson Sisters this Halloween. Are you a Hocus Pocus Fan? Comment below.

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