How Artificial Intelligence works..? “AI with machines will be working for humans and giving a more luxurious life”- Explained

Artificial intelligence is a fascinating technology and most growth in demand nowadays. We are witnessing a lot of technological advancements


Artificial intelligence is a fascinating technology and most growth in demand nowadays. We are witnessing a lot of technological advancements and it is indeed making our lives easier and faster. The concept of artificial intelligence was started back in the 1950s by a group of scientists. They were thinking as if is it possible to create a machine having a human brain.

An electronic device that can work, think, analyze, feel and create logic just as humans do. As we have seen in many sci-fi movies that it is possible someday to have machines and electronic gadgets that are able to provide every kind of function and can even replace humans. Now let’s see which artificial intelligence implements devices we have around us in our daily lives.

A very common example can be Siri, Alexa, or google assistant. Artificial intelligence is not only centered on robots or bots. It can be any device that is working or providing functionality as our thoughts. Even the suggested music in Spotify or related searches in google.

There are broadly two categories of artificial intelligence.

Firstly there is narrow or weak AI. It is the easiest type of AI and seen all around us. It provides specifically task-based performance. Some of its examples are Siri, google search and self-driven cars, etc. It also includes machine learning and deep learning which are branches of Artificial intelligence in specific fields. They make use of Artificial intelligence in their development and advancements.

The next type of AI is Artificial General intelligence which mainly focuses on robots or bots with the ability to think, analyze, problems solving and decisions making. It’s like a human brain implemented on a machine. Various studies, experiments, technologies have been done and developed and we are progressing towards even more advanced versions of robots with artificial intelligence.

Now comes a very interesting and fascinating thing that you may want to know and it is how artificial intelligence works..?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science and deals with data, processes, functions, operations, and system management. Some are based on machine learning and some on deep learning. It uses algorithms and databases to provide functionalities. It has concepts like creating machine intelligence in comparison to human intelligence.

It works on robotics, ml, and it. Artificial intelligence basically has all the information contained in a machine with all the required data, analytics, and algorithms which gives instructions and the ability to action, processing, thinking or analyzing to the machine. Artificial intelligence is one of the most important concepts of development today and is definitely the future of the world.

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Now let’s have a look at some important branches or parts of artificial intelligence.

Machine learning is a data analysis method that helps in implementing data, algorithms, and concepts to the software so that the machine can identify, learn and act on the based patterns and perform specific tasks like operating, system analysis, and decision making. Machine learning uses programming languages that are used by professionals to develop programs for the machine, to make such algorithms and instructions for making the machine or device to perform a specific function.

Machine learning is used in our lives just around us we are using regularly for our ease of works such as Google maps providing instructions to reach a place, offering suggested contents as per our recent preferred visits, various filters, spam emails, voice recognition, image recognition, all these are features are created or developed using machine learning.

The next thing which we have under artificial intelligence is deep learning. Deep learning is a function of AI which uses database and processes to provide function as a human brain. It has functions such as language translation, image, voice recognition, and decision making. By making use of all the technology solutions humans can develop machines that can think or work like them.

Artificial intelligence is a growing technology that has various branches such as machine learning, deep learning, the internet of things, database systems and the future is going to be the world of artificial intelligence with machines will be working for humans and giving a more luxurious life. This makes us realize that technology is for humans who are working on it and will have all kinds of functions, decision and thinking same as them but also there is a great thing yet to say that indeed no doubt it is true that artificial intelligence is the future of the world but yet machines can never replace humans!!

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